DIY Goo Gone

DISCLAIMER: This is definitely NOT one of our most exciting or inspirational posts, but–at least in my opinion–is a highly practical one that you may find remarkably useful.

Furnishing my new apartment has meant dozens of glasses, frames, etc. with those incredibly annoying sticky labels, and must to my annoyance, I discovered that my little bottle of Goo Gone had somehow failed to make the journey to Houston.

I have a rather strong love-hate relationship with the stuff as it is certainly very useful for removing all types of stickers, as well as the residue they leave behind, yet it is so effective that it has even been known to expertly remove the finish off certain objects.

Luckily, Google came to the rescue (as it so often does) and teamed up with to tell me how to make the world’s easiest–and incredibly effective–DIY Goo Gone. offers slightly more detailed instructions, as well as a 2nd variation, but the “recipe” is too simple to not also share here:

DIY Goo Gone

1 part baking soda
1 part melted coconut oil
optional: sweet orange oil*

*I substituted a few drops of mandarin essential oil just for the delicious smell.

I’ve now been systematically moving through my apartment removing every label. Finally, a practical DIY that actually works.