Glitter Magnets

I recently left my job in Chicago (in preparation to move to Houston to be reunited with my partner-in-crime), but before leaving, had to be sure to leave a few small little touches to be remembered by around the office.

One of my favorites included these adorable glitter magnets.

I was amazed how something so small could add so much life to a desk!

Best part? They are so easy to make! 

  1. I dabbed a glue stick on the flat-sided back of some glass domes
  2. Stuck in into a pile of glitter (despite all attempts, the glitter still manages to get everywhere).
  3. Once dry, I sealed the glitter with multidimensional mod podge–figured my coworkers might not appreciate periodic sprinkles of glitter on their desks…
  4. A few hours later, E-6000 did the trick for affixing the surprisingly strong magnets
  5. And done!

I even had coworkers ask me how I got the glitter inside the glass! 

(Thanks to DeLoop & Smarty Pants Paper Co. for the inspiration!)