Roommate Mail Clipboards

Instead of a massive pile of mail in the entryway to our apartment, I decided to get a little creative with clipboards for each roommate’s daily mail.

The initial idea was that each of us would decorate our own clipboard in our own style, but I will admit that after hearing some of their ideas and plans, I decided to take over the project in favor of a slightly more uniform look…

My goal was to make them coordinated, yet make it clear whose mail went where. My solution: each designed with our hometown states.

The steps were easy:

  • First, I googled and then printed out the outline each of our hometown states in approximately the same size.
  • Then traced each outline onto slightly thicker card stock, cut them each out (which was clearly easier for certain states more than others), and gave them each a shiny coat of gold spray paint.

  • Once dry, I glued each onto a plain, basic clipboard and sealed the whole thing with a few layers of my favorite craft supply: mod podge.

  • A simple nail held each to the wall and gives us a neater entryway, as well as a simple touch of home in our new home.

(I wish I could day that all three are always this bare–but at least we know which one of us hasn’t been collecting their mail!)

Can you name each state??