Guy Approved DIY

It often feels as though I have scoured the farthest corners of the internet in search of the ever elusive “Guy Approved” DIY craft project.

Especially with Christmas around the corner, I find that figuring out what to give the men in my life is consistently the most difficult. And while many of the ideas I’ve found required wood working skills that I sadly do not possess, below are four easy projects that just might spark your imagination for what to give your man.

The Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser

It’s almost unfair how easy this project is–in fact, the hardest part is acquiring an empty liquor bottle of one of his favorite drinks (and making sure it has the right kind of screw top). For there, I purchased “lotion dispenser pumps” from Amazon, filled the liquor bottle with hand soup, screwed on the pump, and it was good to go! Such a perfect touch for his bachelor pad.

Beer Label Tile Coasters

These are another easy DIY that adds a nice touch to any Man Cave. I carefully peeled off the labels from some of his favorite beers and lay them on a piece of card stock and under a book to flatten them. Then, I used acrylic paint (in corresponding colors to the labels) to paint some basic Home Depot tiles. Once dry, I glued on the beer labels and then sealed them with Mod Podge Outdoor. Lastly, I added little 3/8″ self adhesive felt pads on the fours corners on the bottom to prevent them from scratching surfaces, and they’re done!

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not try and seal with with just regular Mod Podge, as they will not be waterproof against the drinks set on them, and will certainly not stand up to any hot beverages.

The Manly Succulent

Lastly, I wanted to find a way to add a bit of green life to my then-boyfriend’s new apartment, and was going through my own succulent addition at the time. With all the pots I had painted for my many many succulents, my challenge was to paint a “manly” pot, which many argued was a bit of an oxymoron. Using my very favorite “peel away alphabet letters,” I used his favorite colors in polkadots around the “M,” and then added the red base and a red rim to highlight it. Some can as to its “manliness,” but he approved–or at least pretended to!

Soda Can Bathroom Organization

Among the dozens of tooth brush holders and other various bathroom containers that line the aisles of Target, I am not sure there is a single one that could be consider very manly–and certainly none that add a bit of personality. Instead, I came up with this easy solution. I simply used some kitchen scissors to cut off the tops of his two favorite type of soda cans, and then very carefully bent the edges down to prevent a hand laceration while grabbing his tooth brush. Total time: under 5 minutes. Yet, they add a fun, personalized, and manly touch to his bathroom (and provide you with some semblance of organization!).

Tell us what DIY projects and gifts you’ve come up with for the men in your life–we always need more ideas!