Pots and Succulents – Can’t Get Enough

It often seems that I can’t drive past a Home Depot without ending up with at least a dozen more pots & succulents to go in them… Below is a slideshow of photos from the latest trip.

While this is, in fact, our third post about painting pots for succulents (check out the other two here & here), this time–thanks to a great deal of inspiration from Pintrest–I decided to get a bit more experimental with some of my designs. (Check out the links below for some of my design inspirations!)


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Design Inspiration:
(click the photo to find the link to their source site)

Thank you to the talented ladies of Fine & Feathered, Clever Nest, Twelve O Eight, and Wit & Whistle for providing me with so much inspiration!


So, now the question–that my roommates ask regularly–is, as a chilly fall in Chicago begins to set-in, and my balcony becomes a bit too cold for casual wine sipping evenings surrounded by my succulents, where in the world are all of these adorable pots are going to go?

Do any of you succulent-lovers-but-cold-winter-dwellers have any tips are suggestions?