Tile Coasters

During Katie’s visit to Chicago and a trip to Home Depot, we ended up with over 20 plain tiles figuring that we would be able to come up with at least something to do with them…

So, with some inspiration from Pintrest & “DIY Maven,” we came up with this super easy and fun technique:

First, using sharpies, color (scribble) any design or combination of colors onto a tile.

photo 1

 Next, we simply used an eye dropper to carefully place drops of rubbing alcohol on the tile.

Be sure not the cover the whole thing–we recommend doing a few drops at a time to watch out the colors run before placing your next drops.

Then just let it dry.

It’s that easy!

We admit that we were a bit surprised by the result and what fun, bright coasters this technique created.

They certainly add a little life to any room of the house!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


NOTE: We also used small self adhesive felt pads to place on each corner of the bottom of the tile to avoid scratching any surfaces.