Favorite Spaces to Get Creative

For me, sometimes the spaces were I can get creative are just as important as what ideas or supplies I might have.

I think we all have to find the special places
where we love the feeling our paint all over our hands,
where we can allow the glitter to float around freely,
and where the other distractions of life disappear.

I wanted to share where some of those places have been (or currently are) for me:

In my previous apartment (a studio), I had a breakfast bar that I absolutely loved. I will admit that it was more often covered in paint and other craft supplies than it ever was with food or anything related to cooking.

(This picture is from a girl’s night with two of my close friends when we just decided to let totally loose and go crazy on a canvas–on my breakfast bar, of course).


Because my last apartment was just a small studio, my crafting spaces was pretty limited. I ended up purchasing one of those little plastic lap tables that kids sometimes use, and loved being able to just sit in bed and get creative.

IMG_3940 copy

IMG_3819 copy

Can you blame me for this being one of my favorite places I’ve ever done crafts?! Unfortunately, the options were rather limited, but it was the absolute perfect place for loom knitting some scarves. I wish I could be back there everyday.

You’ve likely seen many posts about the process of decorating my new balcony, and while it continues to be a work in progress (off to buy more flowers shortly!)–it has easily become one of my very favorite places for crafting on a beautiful day or a warm evening. Thank you to Katie for helping making it so fantastic and helping me breaking it in as a perfect DIY spot.

Lastly, I am about as excited as can be to have an entire craft room in my new apartment! It’s still coming together, and, of course, I continue to add more and more supplies, but I absolutely love the space and can’t wait to see what fun, new projects are inspired here.

Where’s your favorite space to get creative?