Tiny Copper & Tile Shelves


 We found the most adorable tutorial for tiny copper and marble shelves on the Merry Thought. They were so dainty and perfect for holding little treasures (which Katie has way too many of). To make them even better, they are super cheap and easy to make! We basically followed the Merry Thought’s tutorial exactly, but we decided to use different tiles than the marble used in thier tutorial. Katie wanted a smaller tile that was a lighter color and Katrina opted for a darker tile. We recomend just roaming around Lowes in the tile section and picking a tile that goes best with your decor/style. All the tiles are super cheap (basically all less than $1) so you can pretty much find anything that you are looking for.



 To make this you will need a copper plated tubing hook, a 3 x 8 marble tile, heavy duty glue and a strip of fabric (optional). For the glue, we bought liquid nails at lowes, it looked heavy duty but it was NOT. We made a big mistake with the glue on the first round. After our first mess up, the second round we used Permatex clear RTV silicone sealant it was super effective, even though it smells terrible.

Basically, line up the copper tubing in the middle of the tile, then glue the hook to the tile. I used a small strip of black felt I had laying around to cover the bottom of the tile, this is optional but covered up the hook and glue nicely. Let it dry overnight and then fill it up with cute little trinkets!