Sprucing Up A New Patio: More Painted Pots

 Katrina moved into a new apartment with an awesome porch that has a great view of her Chicago neighborhood and is perfect for enjoying a glass of wine at night or reading a book during the day. However, it did need a little brightening up to make it more homey and welcoming. When I was in Chicago visiting we decided to spruce it up using one of my favorite DIYs that I used to make my house cute, painted pots!!

Since I already wrote a blog post on this, I won’t go into too much detail. However we did try out some new patterns and painting methods.


We bought a TON of basic ceramic pots (and succulents to go with!) and tried out a bunch of different painting methods.


You can recreate these three super easily. Left pot: paint a solid color, then using a q-tip for accuracy dot a different color on top (make sure the bottom color has fully dried before you do this). Middle pot: paint a solid color, once dried I simply used sharpie to draw on a cute face. Right pot: use masking tape to make different designs on the pot, then paint a solid color over it, wait for it to dry and pull off the tape revealing a cool and original design that incorporates the ceramic elements of the pot.

Here are some more of the pots that we painted, full of cute little plants and already spicing up the patio!



photo 2

Final shot of the new updated patio! Lots of cute painted pots, a barrel of succulents that Katrina had potted previously and some cute chairs for lounging. Super simple and cheap way to make a patio more enjoyable, just in time for summer!