Mini Clay Air Plant Pots


Have ya’ll discovered air plants? They are the best, if you like succulents you will love these. Basically they are small (at least start at small) colorful plants that only need minimal watering and don’t require dirt. Since they don’t need dirt they can be planted in super cute little dishes, bowls, hanging pots or any small object that you desire.

I just got a bunch of new air plants so I decided to try making some cute little polymer clay bowls to house the air plants. I basically made two different versions; the first kinds were swirled clay formed into little bowls and the second kind was geometric small bowl.


The first bowls can be made by swirling any two colors you like I used white & tan and white & silver gray. Basically, roll the two colors of clay into small rolls then roll then together, once they get longer fold them back onto each other and continue the process. For the Makers has a more detailed method of this, have I mentioned they are basically the best?  Once you have a good swirl pattern roll into a ball, then make one side flat using a flat surface (use wax paper as a protective cover if using a nice table) then using your fingers mold the into a bowl. Go slowly, and if you dont like how your first one turns out simply smoosh it all back together and start over! Once you are satisfied bake according to directions.


For the next type of pot you need another color of polymer clay, I used neon orange. Using a larger amount of clay then you want the bowl to end up being roll the clay into a ball. Flatten one side of the ball using hte same method as the previous bowls, then carefully use your finger to poke a hole into the top (depending on the size of your air plant you will have to adjust the hole). Now, using an exacto knife carve out little chunks in a geometric pattern. It is very easy, but takes some practice. If your not satisfied simply roll it up into a ball and start over. Bake once you like your shape.


Once the clay has cooled put in your airplants and get decorating!