Polymer Clay Jewelry Dishes

I love having little jewelry bowls around to drop a pair of earrings, or a ring in after a long night out with friends.  It’s super convenient and they are a really easy way to brighten up a nightstand or dresser.

All you need for this diy is some polymer clay (sculpey) in white and red, or any other color that you prefer, acrylic paint and a paintbrush. As well as some oven-safe bowls to bake your dishes in.

For the first dish (the eye one) I simply gathered some white clay and rolled it out until it was pretty thin and a good size. I tried to roll it generally into the shape of an eye, so greater width than height. Then place the clay into the bowl and bake for the time specified.


I basically did the exact same thing for the second dish (lip one), however I had a heart shaped baking tin which I used to create a lip shape during the baking process.

Once both are done baking and have cooled down then you can paint them using the acrylic. Ta-da! You now have some super cute dishes to hold your jewelry or simply spice up a dresser.