Hacked Ikea Dresser


I have been eyeing the Ikea Rast dresser for awhile, its a good size and is cheap ($35). However, I am not a huge fan of the look of the wood. After thinking about what color would go with the theme of my room (all my other furniture is white) and pursuing the ikea hackers website (have you checked this out?!?! its amazing so many great ideas) I finally landed on a design.

For this diy you will need spray paint, I used Valspar white, you can buy it from lowes for $3.98, I used 2 cans. You will also need brass corner fixtures, you can buy a four-pack from lowes for $1.98, so if you have 3 drawers you will need 3 packs. Also, I thought about replacing the knobs with some cute brass ones to match but then I had gold spray paint laying around and I loved the look I ended up with!


First, in a well ventilated area spray the dresser with both cans of white spray paint. If you are not familiar with spray paint you might want to practice it is super easy to use, which is why I prefer it but it does take a bit of practice to not make it drip. Once you have covered the dresser to your desire let it dry, best if overnight.

Next, lay out your brass corners on the edges of the drawers, you can measure them exactly if you want but I just eyeballed it and it looks good. Then using a screwdriver, the wood is super soft and very easy to screw into, screw the corners into the wood, I did the outside screws first.


 Now enjoy and be ready to brag about your super cheap (all added up less than $50) and awesome dresser!

I added some cute little trinkets on top of mine and a couple plants to brighten it up.