Homemade Pizza: 5 Different Ways

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I had some leftover naan (flat bread used in indian cooking) from an indian dinner a couple days and I decided to repurpose it into pizza! I had always heard about people making pizza with naan but had never tried it. I had five pieces of naan (they are pretty small compared to regular pizza size, more like personal pizza size) so I decided to do five different pizzas and use this as a trial run to figure out which ones I liked best.

Pictured above are all the ingredients that you need to recreate all of the five pizzas I made, here they are written out as well: Naan bread (obviously), mozzarella, cheddar, goat cheese, tomato, spinach, artichoke hearts, pesto, already cooked chicken (I used a full breast and flavored it two different ways for two different pizzas), proscuitto, red peppers, asparagus and peanut butter. Turn your oven to 375 degrees.


Individuals pizzas (pictured at bottom), starting with the top right and going clockwise.

Pizza 1:Pesto on bottom, goat cheese, prosciutto and capers.

Pizza 2: Peanut butter on the naan (I know it sounds weird, this was my experiment pizza but it actually turned out delicious), cheddar cheese and curried chicken (I simply cut up half of the chicken breast and mixed with red curry paste).

Pizza 3: Cheddar, red peppers, asparagus and artichoke hearts.

Pizza 4: Cheddar on bottom, BBQ chicken (I used the other half of the chicken breast and mixed it with BBQ sauce) and lastly tomatoes.

Pizza 5: Pesto on the naan, followed by spinach, tomato and topped with mozzarella. The tomatoes and mozzarella help hold down the spinach, otherwise it will wilt away and fall off the pizza (I have learned this from failed spinach attempts with previous pizzas).

Bake each pizza for 5-7 minutes, basically once the cheese has gotten melty and delicious looking. Everything is already cooked you are basically just getting the ingredients hot and melty.


I really liked all of the pizzas, they each had a totally different flavor that were each rewarding in their own way. Trying out a bunch of pizza types (even if you don’t follow my recipes exactly) is a great way to figure out what you like best and what you want to continue eating. The best part about making pizza at home is that you get to make it exactly how you like and with all your favorite ingredients, so get creative and have fun!