Lettered Word Necklaces


Last week I posted a funky word bobby pins DIY that was super easy and really cute! So I decided to see what else I could use alphabet pasta to make. I thought that a delicate necklace with a personalized statement would be super cute! A really great gift idea for a best friend or a cute reminder just in time for Mother’s Day!

All you need is some alphabet pasta (I had a ton leftover from my last post so just used that), balsa wood, silver chain (or any color you prefer), silver spring clasp, 4 silver jump rings, E6000 and sharpies for coloring the pasta. You will also need chain nose pliers.


Since you don’t want to accidentally color on the wood you should color the pasta beforehand, I used sharpie again because its cleaner than paint and dries faster. Now decide how large you want your balsa wood backing to be, I cut mine just a little bigger than the letters. Balsa wood is very soft and easy to cut, you can just use regular scissors. I used sand paper to smooth the edges and to even out the cut but there is no real need to sand other than that, it won’t give you splinters. Once you have the wood ready, use a safety pin (or needle) to poke a hole on each side of the wood; this is where you will put the jump rings to attached the wood to the chain. Make sure to not poke too closely to the edges because the jump ring could pull through the wood (that’s how soft it is).


Once your holes are poked use chain nose pliers to pry open the jump rings (pull north to south not east to west to keep the shape) and carefully slide them into the pre-made holes. At this point you should have your silver chain ready, if you are starting with a large amount of chain like me, then measure the chain around your neck to the desired length and cut the chain (you can just use scissors). Once you have your desired length attach the open jump rings to the ends of the chain and using the pliers close the jump rings (north to south). Now cut the chain in half (meaning that there will be equal lengths of chain on each side leading up to where the clasp will go. Break out your chain nose pliers again and open up two more jump rings, attach them to the chain, close one now: this will serve as the ring that the clasp will attach to, keep the other open and insert the silver spring clasp then close the jump ring.

Now that your necklace is assembled all you have to do is use your E6000 to glue the pasta to the balsa wood and your done!! Let it dry for a couple hours and then spruce up an outfit or wrap it up with some cute packaging for a friend!