Funky Lettered Bobby Pins

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I pretty much always have at least one part of my hair pinned back with either a bobby pin or clip, so I figured why not make some super cute funky lettered bobby pins! I have been wanting to use alphabet pasta for awhile to do some DIYs so when I stumbled upon a bag in the grocery store the other day I thought it was a sign!

All you need is a bad of alphabet pasta, some bobby pins and your trusty E6000 glue! Make up some fun words that you want to display with your cute new do, find the correct letters and glue away! You don’t have to use very much glue to get the letters to stick, and you want to be careful to not use too much to prevent glueing together the bobby pin. Let the letters dry, it takes about and hour or two but waiting longer is never a bad idea. At this point you can decide whether or not you want to leave them the plain pasta color or make them more exciting with some popping colors! I like the natural look and its a bit more toned down, maybe even work appropriate! But, if you want to go for a more bold look then read on!

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To make the colorful bobby pins all you need is a variety of sharpies. I thought about using paint but the sharpie is a lot easier to control and way less messy. If some of your letters are going to be close together it might be easier to color the pasta beforehand, but it also works pretty well once they are secured onto the bobby pin, and ta-da! That’s it! Super easy!

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