Painted Plant Pots

  2014-03-31 11.51.45

My apartment is basically covered in potted plants, I love the way that they brighten up the home and make it feel so much more welcoming! I have been growing succulents and cactus for awhile; mostly because they are so easy to take care of (they pretty much survive anything and require very little watering). I highly recommend trying these out especially if you are new to the whole planting game.

Anyway, out of pure cheapness I basically only ever buy the plain terra cotta pots, the ones you can get at Home Depot or Lowe’s for about $.78 each! Although I love the look of the terra cotta pots, their natural hue goes great with the plants’ organic look, I started getting a little bored that my apartment was covered in so many monotone pots. But buying decorative pots, even just the colored ones usually cost upwards of $5.00 for the exact same size as the terra cotta pots, crazy right? So I figured I would attempt to create my own using simple acrylic paint and bit of creativity!

2014-04-13 11.15.11

So, I put on a good Netflix movie, busted out my painting supplies, gathered my terra cotta pots and succulents. I painted a couple pots with just one color (like the green one on the back left), two with polka dots (basically paint the base color, let it dry and paint dots with another color on top) and wrote a cute message (“grow” on the back right red pot) on the last one. I painted a couple of the bases with matching colors, some with contrasting colors and other I just left plain. I also painted about an inch down (basically to the rim) on the inside of the pot to make sure that the terra cotta didn’t show through after potting the plant. Lastly, whip out your dirt, fill up the pot according to your plants specific needs and pop in the succulent! Ta-da! One of a kind planters that only take about one Netflix movie to create and are way cheaper than buying already decorated pots!

Happy planting!