Embroidered Phone Case

2014-04-01 14.40.42

I finally joined the Siri hype and got an iPhone 4s. Since I was upgrading to such a new fancy phone I figured I needed a new fancy case to go with it! I loved the idea of making my own unique case and I stumbled on a needlepoint kit from Etsy seller notsomodernmillie that looked perfect! Basically, she supplies you with a blank iPhone case and a couple colored threads to fill in your needlepoint. You can buy one here for only $12!

Basically I just played around with different patterns, I had a lot of thread lying around that worked perfectly (basically embroidery thread is ideal). It was very easy to thread the string through the holes and make patterns that turned out super cute! The only thing to consider is that you can’t put too much string on the back otherwise the phone won’t fit into the case. The one that I made was a pretty tight fit but it worked and I was able to fit a pretty good amount of pattern onto the case. In a couple places I used E600 to secure the knots I made, just to make sure that the knots were tight.

 I would love to see your creations!