Shrinky Dink Stud Earrings and Pins

2014-01-23 13.11.10

So basically, my better half; Katrina a.k.a. the other half of this blog, reignited my passion for Shrinky-Dinks (remember those funny plastic things we made as kids?). Well anyways, who knew with minimal effort you could transform them into amazing one-of-a-kind trendy jewelry. Not me!

From Katrina’s inspiration (see her previous posts) I wanted to try my hand at creating one-of-a-kind shrinky dink jewelry. I generally wear studs more often then dangly earrings so I attempted those first.

Pretty much, all you have to do is find an image you like, trace it on the paper (which you can buy here) with either permanent makers or colored pencils shrink it in the oven following their directions and finally glue it (using E6000 of course) onto plain earring studs (which you can buy here). Play around with the size that you like, but the packet also comes with a general reference for how much the original drawing will shrink.

I did the same thing with the pins I made (the large skull and the copy of the Basquiat); except the original images were larger and I glued them onto blank pin backs instead of blank earrings.

The most wonderful part of shrinky dinks is that because they  shrink significantly, even if you mess up on the original drawing (or don’t have particular drawing skills, ME) the final product still turns out great! I made a couple of my favorite painting from Jean-Michel Basquiat because in the normal drawing world I could not touch him, but in shrinky dink form my recreations hold their own! I also adore his work and the idea of wearing my hand-selected favorite pieces is so appealing!

So basically have fun! You now have the chance to make a hand-made pin or earring of your favorite art piece, theme, letters, whatever! All while reminiscing about your wonderful tacky childhood craft go-to Shrinky Dinks!