Sequined Bracelet

2014-01-17 13.12.18


I wanna start this post out by saying have you heard of the amazing Craft-Delivered-to-Your-Door service For the Makers? They are an amazing company that delivers monthly craft boxes full with all the materials you need to make 4 beautiful fashion-inspired projects. I personally love them, because they send you the greatest materials, things that you really can’t find in the average craft store! Anyway, I have been a monthly subscriber since January of 2013 and have enjoyed every single project they have sent my way. The best part of it is that even when I don’t personally want the end product I either give it away (they are always so pretty that they make a wonderful gift, and they are handmade!) or use the incredible materials to make other projects.

So, after my long love note to For the Makers I can now delve into the description of this bracelet. Basically, For the Makers had a totally adorable project that involved sewing that lovely sequin/crystal combo to a glove. Unfortunately, as a southern dweller I knew the cute mittens would not get nearly enough use to warrant the use of those beautiful sequins and crystals. I decided to instead sew those same embellishments to a pretty piece of cotton ribbon I have lying around to make a bracelet.

Roughly following the same instructions that For the Makers gave for the glove (or other material of choice) I sewed the embellishments onto the rope in a pattern that I thought was attractive. After that I measured my wrist and cut the ribbon accordingly. Next attach some ribbon crimps to the end of the ribbon (taking into account the length of the clasp that you are going to use to close the bracelet). I used a ribbon crimp that I had already, but here is a good assortment that would most likely meet all of your ribbon sizing needs! Finally, attach the clasp to the ribbon crimps and Ta-da super cute and versatile bracelet!