Rope Necklace

2014-01-15 16.40.38

I am really loving the recent trend in sailor-esque jewelry and wanted to try my hand at creating one at home. For this project you need: heavy rope, embroidery floss (or friendship bracelet string) and an end cap that fits your specific rope. I have been wanting to make jewelry using rope for awhile so I bought this set of 24 assorted end caps (different sizes and styles). If you want to make additional necklaces I really recommend getting this kit, or a similar one, it is really a great value for the price.

Anyway, I measured one piece of rope to the length that I wanted the necklace to fit around my neck. Measure the rope around your neck and decide for yourself where you want it to lay. Once I figured that out I used E6000 to glue the rope inside the end caps. You want the rope to fit snugly inside the end cap; it might make it more difficult to put into the end cap but it will make it more secure overall and lead to a better necklace.

After that I simply took another piece of rope and tied it around the existing rope in an pattern that looked good for my type of rope. My rope was pretty thing so I double knotted it at the base, left some (to run parallel to the existing rope) and knotted it once part way thru to end it. Depending on your rope you may have to “seal” the rope at the end, I used a lighter to seal the individual rope pieces together, you can also use E6000 or an equivalent to seal the end pieces.

Finally, I added the embroidery floss to add another color and hold the necklace together better. Basically, double knot the floss and then wrap the string around the knot (to hide it) and up until you get a length you desire. Finally, triple knot it and if your end shows you can use E6000 to glue the loose end down so that it is unnoticeable.

Have fun!