Copper Embellished Bowl

2013-07-17 23.08.04-2

To explain this post better I am going to start out with a personal fact: I have more jewelry than basically any one human should own. Trust me, I promise to post a pic some day; it is approaching insanity amounts.  So basically I am a huge fan of cute bowls/saucers whatever, that can display my jewelry in exciting and fresh ways.

So, I found this amazing stuff online Copper Foil Tape, you can get it here. It is very cheap and super cute looking. I then bought a bowl for less than $2 from a thrift shop and decided to decorate it with the copper tape. I basically taped on the edge, another line beneath and converging lines throughout the center. The tape is very hardy so no worries about scuffing it up or too much use.

It is now a staple in my jewelry drawer; holding rings, bracelets, whatever needs storage at the time!