Christmas Themed Wrapping Paper

2013-12-12 14.20.02


This year I decided to create handmade wrapping paper, I love the look of it and it just seems to make the gift that much more special!

Being my first year attempting handmade wrapping paper I decided to stick with something super simple but elegant. Basically, I drew various holiday themed elements on parchment paper (any paper stronger than notebook but not so rigid as construction paper would work).

For theĀ first design I simply used colored markers to wrote HO HO HO. As you can see I wrote some in bold capitol letters (HO HO HO in black) and some in cursive (ho ho ho in red and green). I suggest playing around with what you think looks good and what fits with you gifts. The second design I simply drew Christmas Trees in green, as you can see from the picture they are very crude and not by any means beautiful trees but I think they work perfectly for what is traditionally throw away. I tied all of the packages with a simple red and white bakers twine, it fits the theme and is less expensive than traditional ribbon. I bought this type of bakers twine.

Happy wrapping!!