Bar Cart

2013-08-12 15.24.08

For my boyfriend’s birthday last year I wanted to make something useful and unique for our new apartment. Since we love to have people over I figured a bar cart was a great idea!

I found this funky faux bamboo bar cart for $10 on craigslist. It was in great condition but needed a little sprucing up. The first thing that I knew I wanted to do was to make a raised rim around the top to hold in the glasses, bottles or whatever I decided to put on the top.

I bought the Union Jack aluminum sheet in silver from Home Depot for $32.98, you can buy it here.  It seems expensive because the sheet is 3 ft. x 3ft., I only used a small portion of it. I cut along the pattern with strong scissors (gloves might be a good idea to wear, parts of the metal can be pokey), at the end I simply cleaned up the edges with the scissors.

I tried a couple different methods to attach the aluminum to the bar cart. I tried glue, sealants and the only thing that worked was simply stapling the aluminum to the bar cart using a staple gun, it was super quick and wayyy easier than all that messy glue I first attempted.

After that I used gold spray paint on the faux bamboo legs and the aluminum. Spray paint goes on very quickly and evenly

I topped it off with a couple bar essentials: Citrus reamer, I bought this one; Martini shaker kit, I bought this one; some cute paper straws and some vintage champagne glasses that I found on etsy.

The bar cart turned out great and is still holding all of our bar cart essentials!